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A place to pause

Cities are busy places. Sometimes, our streets become so focused on getting from one place to another that there is nowhere to stop and enjoy the street itself.

Pause Pods invite us to stop a while and be part of our community.


A place to wonder

Pause Pods are more than a place to sit, they are a process. Before any Pause Pod is installed, we ask local kids to imagine their city in the future. Their thoughts are drawn onto their own miniature Pause Pod, which is becomes a buried treasure, leaving people to wonder about what’s inside.

Each Pause Pod is wrapped with thoughts about the present moment, and filled with ideas of our future.

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A place to create

Pause Pods are created together with the community and continue to evolve from a concrete block to a bright and colourful canvas with the help of local artists. Anyone can use a Pause Pod in any way they like: talk, dance, perform, watch.

We hope that they can also become a place to connect with each other and council to together, help create their dream city.